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FilBerg.Design, a world of Excellence to Admire and Discover

Admiring what these great professionals and aesthetes have created, Pablo Picasso’s famous thought comes to mind: “Learn the rules like a professional, so that you can break them like an artist”. An idea that perfectly fits the story of Filberg: The Dream become True.A story is full of Patos and perseverance, which, in the realisation of their strongly desired dream, have transformed it into a marvellous reality, unique even in its name. 
Filberg was in fact born from the union of the two surnames Fil– Filograsso and Berg- Berglehner.
The beginning of the dream, which then became a splendid reality, started with the collaboration between the two by creating the first illustrations of Polo. This is how the idea of creating a line of high-quality silk scarves was born in 2017. FilBerg.Design presented its line at the Polo Cup Ascona and Polo St. Moritz (both in Switzerland) with great success. The invitations to the various Polo Cups continued in the following years, making Filberg a prestigious Luxury Brand. Great people make great dreams come true, which is why the past and present of Fabio and Rudolf make it clear how successful they are. Fabio Francesco Filograsso was born in Barletta, Apulia. From an early age, he attended the “De Stefani” private art school, run by the painter Maria Picardi Coliac, who could bring out all the best in his young pupil’s artistic expression. His participation in various national and European collective exhibitions gave his art an international air, and he was awarded important prizes, confirming his great artistic depth. He then attended the Istituto Statale d’Arte, specialising in goldsmithing, and in those years, his passion for designing fashion accessories grew. He moved to Liguria to make the art of comics his own.
He was lucky enough to meet and be a private pupil of one of the greatest Italian cartoonists, Giovanni Salami. He learned the art of illustration and comics, perfecting his skills in the human and animal body’s anatomical drawing. In 2013 he moved to Tuscany to follow a footwear design and modelling course, both out of passion and curiosity. Today she continues to attend courses to specialise in everything that will come to life in the near future around the world of FilBerg. Design.
Rudolf Berglehner was born in Germany, more precisely in Bavaria, and has a degree in Industrial Economics. During his education and work experience, he entered the yachting world driven by his great passion for interior design and luxury yachts’ decoration. This activity opened up a wide range of opportunities in the Luxury Lifestyle, which also led him into Polo’s world. This incredible art is managed with a high managerial vision. The tasks are divided up as follows: Fabio takes care of the artwork, while Rudolf selects the colours and creates the different frets that frame the precious scarves. The combination of frets and pattern designs is the original and distinctive feature of FilBerg, which currently has over 70 designs and eight different scarves. The new 2021 line is in production and will be presented soon. Future plans include the artistic and commercial growth of FilBerg by entering various design fields, focusing on the production of unique and elegant silk women’s clothing. This will be followed by the production of men’s scarves in cashmere, cashmere/silk and linen/silk, depending on the FW/SS collections. In their overall vision, here is the development of the FilBerg creation. Home, aimed at Interior Design, Luxury Home, Luxury Yachts and prestigious commercial offices. These will be bespoke and personalised creations. The choice of materials, decorations and finishes will be made in synergy with the customer because each product must be unique and original. Rudolf’s thirty years of experience in the nautical world as an interior designer for luxury yachts, together with Fabio’s artistic genius, will be the driving force here. A unique and sublime combination. Antonella Zari, designer-entrepreneur and founder of the brand “I Sogni di Matilde” will support the FilBerg.Home Project in the creation of furniture and accessories for Villas and Yachts. Three visionary entrepreneurs, but above all, friends bound by a sincere friendship that will lead to the creation of magnificent “masterpieces”.

FilBerg firmly believes that uphill routes are the most fascinating and stimulating because the spectacle you witness will be marvellous and unforgettable once you reach the top. In the certainty of the strong thought that drives this splendid reality, its future will be absolutely all uphill with our most sincere wishes.

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Article edit by Alessia Castelli

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