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When one thinks of Art, in common thought, one thinks of canvas, brushes, a painting. But Art is much more than that; it is the essence of the highest expression of the human being. Oscar Wilde defined a work of Art in this way: “Every single work of art is the fulfillment of a prophecy.” The prophecy finds its highest expression in the Art of the brilliant Monegasque artist Camilla Ghione. A brilliant and eclectic artist, never predictable and always ready to surprise, she expresses in her works what the World is crying out for today: freedom, breath, the joy of living.

Camilla Ghione, a young Italian Artist, was born and raised in the Principality of Monaco, where her great passion for Art began and continues to accompany her in her daily life. Her great passion, followed by an important course of studies that saw her graduate in fashion design at the Art Institute of New York City in 2016. During her studies, Art has always been by her side as her needs for expression. Her thought and desire to communicate without boundaries perfectly transpire in her work “One World”, confirming how Camilla thinks and expresses her person and ego. Her eclectic nature is reflected in her Art, which today ranges from the more realistic and traditional use of “Oil and Acrylic” to the more modern and abstract works in resin. Camilla wanted to somehow link Art and fashion, and this is how her Art to Wear Line was born, where her works of Art are masterfully expressed on top quality scarves, obviously 100% Made in Italy. The best natural fibers such as silk, cashmere, or modal become precious “canvases” embellished with an utterly handmade hem that frames this accessory, making it unique and elegant. Her vision is not only in the complement but above all in its use. Camilla conceives this by making them irreplaceable items that can be worn as a long skirt, top, dress, belt, bandana, and much more. A new way of thinking conceives Art always alongside the person with pieces that are unique to the wearer. Her sensitivity to everything surrounding her has led to collaborate with Treedom on beautiful solidarity and green project. From this year on, for every artwork she sells, a tree will be planted. A strong message is confirming Art can be so close with nature… and with the happiness of being able to say that more than 140 trees have already been planted. And this is just the beginning. She is a native of Monaco, which she loves and which given and continues to give so much to her Art; she encounters and plans her present and future projects, which will see her engaged all over the World. She is followed internationally by important Collectors, Gallerists and Art Critics, who consider her Art a promising investment for the future.

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